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How Interior Design Can Give You Peace Of Mind:

How Interior Design Can Give You Peace Of Mind:

Interior Design is the process of beautifying your home, as well as, a
meaningful way of expressing, soothing and invigorating yourself.
Your living space is the only space you have to make into a complete
reflection of yourself, and designing it from the ground up, can prove
to be very therapeutic. That is why carefully choosing the design
concept, colors and accouterments for your home is an important
form of mental health treatment.
Mental health experts agree that sight is the sense that informs us of
our reality more than any other sense. That is why the aesthetics of
our homes are so important to think about. Home is supposed to be a
place of security, peace, restoration and rejuvenation, where we
recharge before going back out into the world. It is very important to
our health and our sanity that our home environments are peaceful.
Therefore, we need to consider the aesthetics of our homes as an
investment into our mental health
It is important to consider the way you intend to use the space you
are going to decorate before you commit to a color scheme. The
purpose of the room will dictate whether you want to create an
energizing mood or relaxing mood, through the use of color. Consider
who will spend time in the room, how often the room is used and how
the room will be arranged before deciding on a color scheme.
Personal effects always have stories behind them, and when
someone inquires about the piece it is a great conversation starter, as
well as an opportunity to share a bit of you. Honoring your own
history, through personal effects displayed in your home will keep
your memory sharper, is excellent for you mentally, and will give you
peace of mind.

Brian Dryer MSW, LCSW

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