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Important Thoughts on Aging

Important Thoughts on Aging

The advantage that I have at this moment is that I am getting older.  Interestingly, this is  just like the rest of you.  Aging is a process that takes place over yours and my lifetime.  We cannot escape it and we cannot avoid it.  We are going to get older and our bodies our going to reflect this very important process.  I can no longer do many things that I use to do in my youth, although I now think that I am a little wiser and bit more sharp about somethings that are fairly important in life.  My wisdom is a powerful tool for me and for my family as we continue to make important decisions about the rest of my life and the continuing of my family.  My legacy is presently being established and recognized while I am alive.  The way in which I handle the days that I am given is essential into how I am going to be remembered by those who care about me.  Aging while difficult on our bodies is not so difficult on our minds.  The beauty of thinking about all of the choices that I need to make so that my family continues with some integrity is important.  In this way I work at being with my family as often as I can and letting them know that I love them and want the best for them.  I would suggest that you enjoy the aging process and know that this another important part of your life to be addressed.  Have a good day.

C. Michael Ideran, M.Div., D.Min., LCPC, LMFT

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